Scopri l'essenza di Savona con M'inchinotto, un liquore tipico che celebra il sapore unico e rinfrescante del chinotto.



The M’Inchinotto liqueur is the third to join the family of Typical Liqueurs. It is a handcrafted liqueur based on citrus fruits and natural extracts, with an intense flavor given by the chinotto presidium Slow Food of Savona.

M’inchinotto is handcrafted through cold infusion and stainless steel aging, using only high quality ingredients. After the extraction and decantation cycle, the elements are mixed with a solution of source water and brown sugar. The process is then completed by refining in stainless steel tanks and filtration before bottling.

The color is a bright ruby, but between the nose is inebriated by the intense aroma of chinotto and persistent citrus notes. In the mouth the balance between the bitterness of chinotto and the sweetness of orange bursts. The raw materials are carefully selected: chinotto presidium Slow Food of Savona, lemon juice and organic wheat alcohol, mixed with mineral water of the Maritime Alps. Perfect when enjoyed smooth or blended to create unique cocktails.


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