Scopri l'autentico sapore ligure con Basanotto, un liquore tipico che cattura l'essenza del basilico in ogni sorso.


Ligurian, peppy, soft!

It is the eldest of the Typical Liqueurs’ family! We sought out the best typical raw materials in Liguria

Organic wheat alcohol, organic brown sugar, PDO Genoese basil, organic sage, chinotto presidium Slow Food of Savona, organic lemon peel, organic mint, in mineral water from Fonte Bauda in Calizzano.

The ingredients are all soaked for three weeks but the sage and basil, which are pulled out after 10 days. After the first filtration the liqueur is put to rest for about ten days, being filtered again at high pressure to make it clearer.

The citrusy aromas of lemon and chinotto reach the nose with a grassy twist given by the combination of basil and sage, charmingly in between the freshness of the mint. Your tastebuds will feel a delicate and velvety taste with a pleasantly determined finish. Best served smooth or as a drink base.

Basanotto: Trionfo al World Drinks Award 2024
Basanotto: Trionfo al World Drinks Award 2024
Basanotto vince il IWSC-2024

BASANOTTO: Triumph at the World Drinks Award 2024 and IWSC 2024 (International World Spirits Competition)

A sip of Liguria wins the TITLES of Best Liqueur in the World

“It is an indescribable emotion to receive such an important award after all the efforts and sacrifices we have made,” commented Enrica and Andrea Vacca, along with partner Andrea Falzone. Their enthusiasm reflects the hard work and dedication that led to the creation of Basanotto, a liqueur that embodies the essence of Liguria.

The jury of the World Drinks Award praised Basanotto with flattering words: “With an appearance similar to liquid honey and a delicate floral aroma, this liqueur offers hints of lemon verbena. On the palate, it starts with lightness and sweetness, leading to a relaxed floral finish with a touch of warmth. Beautiful floral notes and fresh herbs create a wonderfully balanced finish and a lovely length on the palate.”

In addition to its unique and unmistakable taste, Basanotto stands out for its versatility. It is the perfect ingredient for creating countless refined cocktails that captivate even the most discerning palates. Bartenders and mixologists around the world appreciate its ability to add a special touch to their creations.

The triumph at the World Drinks Award represents an extraordinary milestone for Basanotto, but also a starting point for new challenges. We want to continue to make our Liguria known and appreciated through this exceptional liqueur, bringing its unique taste to the world.

We sincerely wish to thank everyone who believed in us and supported us from the very beginning. Thank you to our consumers, who have described Basanotto as “A Sip of Liguria” or “Liguria in a Glass,” recognizing it as the most representative liqueur of our region. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this achievement.

Let’s toast to this success with a drink made with Basanotto, a liqueur that embodies the passion, tradition, and soul of Liguria.


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