Barzotto: Gustatelo liscio per assaporare la purezza delle materie prime o mixatelo per creare cocktail straordinari e sorprendenti.



Barzotto is Basanotto’s younger brother. It was born in 2022. It was created by making a selection of the best typical raw supplies produced in our region, influenced by foreign ingredients such as barley, combined with Bourbon vanilla pods.

Barley, along with Bourbon vanilla pods, Italian beetroot sugar, fragranted caramel, PDO Genovese basil, sage, organic mint, chinotto presidium Slow Food of Savona, all infused in Rocciaviva San Bernardo mineral water and organic wheat alcohol.

The infusion procedure (of the ingredients) lasts a month. The ingredients are all blended in mineral water and organic alcohol at room temperature.

Then our Barzotto is filtered and left to rest for 15 days. Once bottled, it is necessary to wait for 10 days more to allow the molecular recomposition.

The bouquet is distinguished by the delicate hints of cereals given by barley that blends with the botanical notes of basil, sage and the characteristic vanilla scent.

Mint gives freshness, together with the clear citrus notes of Savona’s chinotto. Perfect to drink chilled/fresh or mixed in glittery cocktails.


Porta i tuoi amici in un viaggio di gusto con Basanotto e Barzotto. Perfetti per essere sorseggiati lisci o trasformati in cocktail indimenticabili.
Scopri l'arte della mixology con i nostri cocktail perfetti, creati con Basanotto, Barzotto e Minchinotto. Un viaggio di gusto straordinario ti attende!


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Scopri il mondo dei cocktail con Basanotto: Prepara il tuo drink preferito e assapora la distinta qualità del Basanotto.
Goditi l'estate con i nostri cocktail perfetti: Basanotto, Barzotto e Minchinotto. L'aperitivo estivo ideale per rinfrescarti e deliziare il palato.